Turn and Fold Brushes

These brushes change the perspective of an area of the scene to make it turn around the basic axis. The main difference between the brushes is the direction of movement in the left and right parts of the area.

Here is an example of using the Fold Brush that makes left and right parts turn in the same direction creating a wing-like motion:

Video 1. Fold Brush Example

The video below shows an example of using the Turn Brush that makes left and right parts to turn in the opposite directions creating spin-like motion:

Video 2. Turn Brush Example

Two set of the parameters are available for these brushes: Effect Properties and Axis Position.

Speed - sets the effect speed

Amplitude - sets the maximum turn angle

Perspective - sets the maximum zoom in/out at the closest/farthest positions of the turn

Direction - sets the direction of the turn: either from or to the point of the view, or both

Apply animation to
background only - The effect mask hides all underlying animations.
whole scene - All underlying animations will be affected, making the effect fully transparent.

Activating the Axis Position tab allows you to change the position and direction of the turn axis. You can change the axis parameters by entering them in the corresponding fields or interactively by clicking and dragging the axis elements in the view window.